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About us

In the years that followed I had unfortunate experiences of interacting with unscrupulous corporations and retail establishments, unethical doctors and lawyers, corrupt police officers and dishonest city government employees. During this time I also became aware of others in similar predicaments, of other well intentioned citizens and consumers being lied to, mistreated and "screwed" by powerful people and groups.

I began to realize that unethical behavior was widespread. Something was very wrong with our value system.

I became infuriated as I witnessed these powerful people and groups engaging in despicable practices with impunity because of the knowledge and confidence that the sheer cost of combating them through the legal system protected them from all reprisals.

We are not lawyers.

We are not a collection agency.

We are Consumer Advocates.

...the victims' advocate

WE are Civil and Human Rights Activists

We are a Nationwide Consumer Reporting News Agency consumers, for consumers

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